Winterpalooza (East Cost F31s)

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Winterpalooza (East Cost F31s)

Post by ultimateforce » Sat Jan 06, 2007 6:46 pm

Sylvan Lake Park

***Complemetary lunch will be provided at Palooza at no charge. Courtesy of

Driving Directions to the Park

We have reserved:
3 Pavilions
Volleyball Court
Playground for the kids

** For those not familiar with Palooza Events, these are open to Everyone! Mazda, Honda, Acura, Nissan, Toyota, and Even domestics. We have a lot of great friends who might not have a Mazda anymore, but they and everyone is welcome!
Events throughout the day including flag/touch football and more! BBQ will be provided, a small show will take place as well, so please CLEAN YOUR CAR and even the engine. The show will be PEOPLE'S CHOICE, not judged by officials. So it is all up to everyone to judge for the show!

We plan to have a get together Friday night for those interested, as well as after the meet as well, so plan to meet up Saturday night for cruising and fun!

Here is the car show information! This is 100% PEOPLE'S CHOICE! Everyone who comes to the show will be able to vote for the following, there will be no official judges.

There will be the top 10 cars a general placement in the Top 10 cars at the show.
After the top 10 get their awards, they will bring their cars forward, and by the sound of the crowd, the Best in Show Award is then handed to the one with the most applause. A Tie breaker may be done if needed, but let's worry about that at the show!

We will also have the following awards!

Best interior
Best engine
Lowest Tread (It's a tradition. Looking for the ones that are entirely bald!)
Furthest distance-Will have all cars that show enter where they drove from to the meet, and how many miles. Furthest wins.

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