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Why this section.

Posted: Mon Mar 21, 2016 12:22 pm
by f31clubadmin
Well, simple to say, there are tons of related cars to the Leopard/M30. There has always been an interaction between people of the certain car to M30s (I.E. Z31 guys).

I always figured that many of these cars have their own communities, but if they ever wanted to intersect with M30, this would be the place for it.

Consider this another apartment to post misc. stuff that could relate to how specific cars intersect with F31.


Z31 fairlady
R31 skylines, pintaras, 1800 excel
Y31 Gloria, Cedrics, Cima
A31 Cefiros
C31-C33 Laurels
810/910 Datsun Maximas
U11-J30 Maximas
S12 200sx/Gazelles