Datsun Maxima 810 and 910 and Bluebird info

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Datsun Maxima 810 and 910 and Bluebird info

Post by f31roger » Sat Apr 16, 2016 10:48 pm

Thanks for the brothers on Nissan Datsun 810 and 910 owner's FB page.

I asked the differences between the US spec Datsun 810 and 910:

Ryan Poffenbarger - 810 and 910's are 2 completely different cars. Datsun, rather nissan, just didn't badge the 910 as such and kept the 810 badge so that the American public didn't get confused.

Jorge Solorio - Yes chassis are different 810 from 77-78 sedan irs suspension, ball steering & wagon solid axle, had round headlights with the nicer grills, & headlight bezels just one engine option L24E autotragic or 4 speed manual analog clock some interior color and trim differences. 79-80 had square headlights and different grill and headlight bezels and digital clocks they also introduced the 810 2dr hardtop coupe in auto or 5 speed exclusive to the coupe. Sedans and wagons remained the same for auto and 4 speed manual.

The 910 aka 81-82 had different grill, taillights, 3 speed auto, 5 speed manual, rack and pinion with irs for the sedan and solid axle for wagons, and 2 engines L24E gas & LD28 diesel. 83-84 had different grill & tail lights, and badging was Datsun with Nissan Maxima emblems early 83 remained 3 speed auto late 83 had 4 speed auto with overdrive, and 5 speed manual.

I then asked the difference between the US vs JDM and why people haven't did headlight conversions (A vendor from Thailand was offering Bluebird headlights, grille and tail lights.).

Jorge Solorio - They are worth picking up the jdm 810 & 811 are pretty much the same as here straight six theres was a L20E and they only had the coupe and sedan as the inline six no wagons had straight six or the same front. They had 25 different trim levels and some differences for the 810 all badged as Nissan Bluebird 2000G4 for the short nose and 2000G6 for the long nose. Also there bumpers were the slim nicer ones but also had the big 5mph bumpers like we did on ours. The bumpers are worth having i was gonna order some for my 79 810 but then slim bumpers are like $700 plus shipping for both front and rear.
US Datsun Maxima 910 1984
JDM bluebird (possibly 810/811) "Taxi Bezel" round headlights.

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