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12-09-16 - updating site

Posted: Mon Nov 07, 2016 1:12 pm
by f31clubadmin
Since many of the pictures we had uploaded to f31club and the extension pages (history, magazine articles and manuals) were down, I was trying to fill up the multimedia with the pictures I did save.

I've been working tirelessly on scanning the manuals. When I was in Japan, I was surprised by how many leopard owners came up to me and asked about the manuals page.

The other component of forums that has changed is the social aspect. Forums 10yrs ago served not as an information bank and build threads, but it was also a SOCIAL COMPONENT to them.

Anyone interested in M30s would come on here and ask questions. Many of us would plan events and share pictures. When people had questions, they could search the forums or they had to wait til someone replied (and sometimes people didn't have the answer).

The social component of forums has changed to social media. Facebook groups have taken that social component. There is less anonymity and that could be good or bad depending on how much personal info you want to show on facebook.

I personally don't know if forums are ever going to be the social standard that they used to be, but I do know that small forums that are specific to certain model or make of a car can survive. The reason being is that the information stored there, the written posts and even the historical component of the car will always be organized on forums.

So I would definitely push f31club as reference site. M30s are not a plentiful in numbers and I used to joke that anyone with an M30 should be on f31club because we ARE the most active about the cars.


It is gradually getting together and again, the important thing about f31club or any forum, is the contributors.

Re: 11/16/2016 site status

Posted: Wed Nov 16, 2016 11:55 am
by f31roger
Besides full time work, family and homework... not to mention errands.. I still have a few things I do as much as possible.
  • 1. Scanning manuals. I am about halfway done with the Zenki Manual (important for the guys in Japan). I also saved my scans from the 1990 M30 service manual (as well as others), but have to go through it and make sure it is all there (all were saved on a damaged hard drive).

    2. There are additional things I want to scan. I got a couple leopard books.

    3. Trying to clean up the site. Many of the pictures I can't replace and if there are pictures that are on something like photobucket or linked, I am saving them to f31club for documentation.

    4. Trying to organize the site more. Looking at a different design once I get most of the priorities correctly set up.

    5. The manuals and articles are posted in the forums, but later, I will also make a manuals page. Along that line going to make a history page as we did before. I just got to make a really cool html.

    6. I am hoping that my friends in Japan are willing to share their individual club history and their pictures and meetings. I would also make space for them on f31club. An example would be "" or " But it is making their access easier and their f31club experience enjoyable. They have a different perspective, behavior and mannerisms that Americans do, so I am trying to find common ground with them.

    7. I also got my own person stuff to do with an F31.

Re: 12/07/2016 site status

Posted: Wed Dec 07, 2016 2:28 pm
by f31roger

1. Got the Zenki and vert manual all scanned and linked on the forums. Gotta scan a few more things and then make extension pages for them.

2. Been going through some of the posts on f31club. Putting information and replies to some for reference.

3. Been trying to fill up much of the deleted pictures and hopefully others can contribute and maybe they've also saved some of the older photos.

4. Been also rebuilding much of the threads that have linked pictures to photobuckets and other imaging sources. It sucks that imgur and imgshack have gone down as many of those pictures are now gone.

5. As above mentioned, I've been lucky to get many member's rides rebuilt because of their extended accounts. Hopefully they find their way back here and even log on!

Re: 12-09-16 - updating site

Posted: Fri Dec 09, 2016 1:19 pm
by f31clubadmin
I'm gonna be doing the front page of

the site might be down for a few days while my friend and I try to work on the designs.

I had to move folders around, which included some of the pictures and manuals. But I will relocate them once the design is finished and taken cared of!