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A rekindled motivation 2016

Posted: Mon Nov 07, 2016 5:11 pm
by f31roger
After I got f31club up and going, I realized that some of the cool stuff that were available 10yrs ago are not around anymore. Some of the cool leopard items that just part of the marketing and advertising. Leopard cooking pot, glasses and clippers for example. We also lost tons of pictures of people's rides. This included the guys that were out of the US. Tony and Simon in the UK, guys in Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania... most of those pictures are gone.

Even the some of the Japanese websites we gawked at, like Locc-on... gone. Some have migrated to minkara and even facebook, but even their ideas and old pictures were not saved.

Some of the members on here such as Strikevalk and myself have saved pictures and I've even been able to activate some old photobucket accounts. Some threads now have pictures.

Still, this wasn't enough.

私はf31clubと行くしまった後、私は10yrs前に利用可能であったクールなもののいくつかはもう周りではないことに気づきました。そのマーケティングや広告の一部だけクールなヒョウ項目の一部。 Leopardの調理鍋、例えばガラスやバリカン。我々はまた、人々の乗り物の写真のトンを失いました。これは、米国の外にいた男が含まれていました。英国のトニーとサイモンは、オーストラリア、ニュージーランド、タスマニアの人は...これらの写真のほとんどがなくなっています。




I saw that Kyou (Club Non sect) posted on the facebook page the 30th anniversary meeting. I decided to go once I saw it. I went to the minkara page and registered to go. I was excited. These are the guys I idolized and looked up to. Strikevalk, mmokm30, me, Jacy, Scourge, we would save the pictures from their websites and post on here.

私は杏(クラブ・ノンセクトが)Facebookのページ30周年記念会議に掲載することを見ました。私はそれを見た後に行くことにしました。私はminkaraページに行って、行くことに登録されています。私は興奮していました。これらは私が心酔とに見上げた男です。 Strikevalk、mmokm30は、私、Jacy、スカージは、我々は彼らのウェブサイトから画像を保存して、ここに投稿することになります。

But before I was to go to Japan, I was going to Hawaii for cardiology conference and 3D echocardiography training (this is my profession). I looked at where it was being held and it was at Waikiki, Oahu.

I remember Strikevalk, Onevia, J, Driftur, Deviant and 240sx were from Ewa Beach (or at least most of them). When I saw they were 30 minutes away, I told them I will be in Hawaii for a week. While I had conference and training for the day, after 4pm I was free.

First Kenny (240sx) and Denny (his brother) picked me up and we went to dinner. We talked a bit and just hung out.

Then the next night, Mark (Strikevalk) and Renny (Onevia) texted me and I drove my rental to Ewa Beach. I was treated to Ramen! and then a ride in the SR20DET vert! Then saw Renny's RB26 M30 too! Kenny and Denny hung out for a bit as well.

We then went back to Mark's house and we talked til 230am. (this is a week day too and they both had work/I had conference in the morning).



そして次の夜、マーク(Strikevalk)とレニー(Oneviaは)私を尋ねてみて、私はエワビーチに私のレンタルを運転しました。私はラーメンに処理しました!そしてその後SR20DETヴェールで乗ります!そして、あまりにもレニーのRB26 M30を見ました!ケニーとデニーは、同様にビットのためにたむろ。

私たちは、その後、マークの家に戻って、我々は230amゴマ話しました。 (これはあまりにも曜日であり、それらの両方が仕事を持っていた/私は、午前中の会議を持っていました)。
The significance of this is that we have been talking for over 10yrs ago. So when I met with them in person, it was like catching up with brothers! But we talked f31 and it was very powerful for me. It reinforced what interest and gave me inspiration and motivation to commit to f31club.


A week later, I was in Japan. I was excited. It has been over 10yrs ago.

I first arrived stayed in Chiyoda, Akihabara, Tokyo.

The next day, I met with Satoru -san and Mr. and Mrs. Kubo. They took me to Carshop Friend. If you don't know, Carshop Friend is an AUTHORIZED Nissan Leopard dealer/repair/parts maker shop.




The next day was the meeting in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka.

It was a sight to see. Tons of leopards... many were the ones I've always seen on websites and what not.
I also met tons of leopard owners and some even remembered me from 10yrs ago when I tried to contact them.
(more pix on this in the f31club forums)

I stayed in Japan for 11 days. During that time, I went to Osaka. I met with Kazuho Tanaka. He posted on f31club 9yrs ago!!
We started talking about F31s and talked shared information. He brought pictures of the Le Ciel Bleu Leopard club meetings from 17yrs ago!
It was great going over some of these photos. It again reinforced this passion for the F31 ownership that I loved.

Towards the end of my trip, I was back in Tokyo (Shinjuku area) and I had 2 events that I committed to. I committed to an Estima Event (I own a previa) in Shimizu, Shizuoka and I committed to Stance Japan (even more so because Kyou, Mie, Hideya and Sano) which was in Odaiba Tokyo. So in the morning I woke up early and jumped on the Shinkansen to Shimizu. I got to the event and started to take pictures. I also met many of the owners of Estimas I follow on IG and facebook.
I then jumped back on the Shinkansen for Tokyo Station. Once arrived, I taxi'd it to Odaiba

There I saw Kyou
He then pointed to where Mie was located at.
Mie has the Silver Zenki with the RB26 that everyone has pictures of.
Hideya was there too as I did not get a chance to take a picture with him in Hamanako Garden Park with the Leopard meeting.
I was then looking for my friend from Van Kulture, Toshiaki with the Mazda MPV.

Re: A rekindled motivation 2016

Posted: Mon Nov 07, 2016 5:47 pm
by f31roger
While I was busy with school, I lost touch with people. I didn't lose total interest in cars and I always kept in the back of my mind.

Before I went to Hawaii and Japan, I went to a Blox Evolution carshow and BAM, which was an annual Bay Area Subaru meeting.

I went to Blox Evolution to meet the Van Kulture brothers.
Since I owned a Previa, it has been kind of a project that I've been working on. (
And I've kinda been lightweight interesting in van stuff. Obviously I don't fall into their category of slammed bagged vans.

I also own a Subaru Legacy wagon that I picked up from one of the Cardiologists I work with. His son had a drunk driving episode and banged up the car. He gave it to me and I've been fixing it.

Needless to say, I wanted to check out the Subaru scene.
I went to BAM and took my son with me. It was nice to see tons of Subies, but I didn't see the ones I really like. Such as BRATS, BAJAS and anything different than an Impreza!

These things were slightly pulling me back into the car scene. Especially the VK guys. That is family!

But once I met with the leopard guys... I just knew that the F31 was my calling.


Going to Hawaii and Japan has really inspired me. I've decided to also step it up on the F31 front.

-Yes, getting f31club going again.
-scan material for these pages.
-fix the links that are different
-gather photos from photobucket accounts and post them up.

But community wise:
- I've been gather parts for Strikevalk and Onevia.
- I've been buying stuff for people in Japan.
- I've been reaching out to core members seeing what they have been up to.
- I've also plan to meet with people that are or were attached to the M30.

Importantly, I also realized how the M30 parts are starting to be really scarce, so I started to find resources.

SlappinM30 does 3D printing (check the community vendor section).

Continuing with meeting up, I finally met up with Mike (SlappinM30).

I have big surprises coming.

Re: A rekindled motivation 2016

Posted: Mon Nov 14, 2016 1:29 am
by f31roger
So I was in Portland, OR on official business.

While I was there, I met with Jay. He comes on f31club here and there, but he did a youtube video of his 5spd swap and what not.
I thought I would only hang with him for a few minutes, but it became longer than that. 2.5hrs later, I was on the road again. I tried to hit up another M30 owner who doesn't come on f31club, but on facebook. The time did not match up and so it didn't work out.

But here is a picture of Jay and Me.

Re: A rekindled motivation 2016

Posted: Thu Nov 17, 2016 2:19 pm
by f31clubadmin
I've kinda been on this mission to reach out to some of the old members. I found a few on Instagram and I've always been connected on facebook to others.

Dynastyf31 - Greg runs Sakura Garage in AZ.
xslidewaysx - Garrett - in in Las Vegas with Get Nutz lab.
lonewolf317 - found him on facebook and we talk!
Onevia, Strikvalk, 240sx - I met with in Hawaii.
JCrapps - he's here in Palo Alto working at Stanford.
C4nitrousboi - Ricky is on facebook and we talk.
sexym30 - Brian - is on instagram
mmokm30 - Mark - on facebook and IG. We talk.
J is also on facebook/sporadically as well.
Scourge - Thomas is on facebook and we talk.
Slappinm30 - Mike - on facebook and we met up.
Driftday aka Naoki - plan to meet up when I go to Southern California
Thehillbilly aka William Porche - we talk and hopefully meet up in Southern California
Nyreak - got a hold of him and texting.
F31_Pilot - got a hold of him, found out he lives in Sacramento!

Found Brewster240 on fb.

I don't know what this all entails, but I would just like to reach out to the core group and catch up. I fucked up and neglected this site and group.

But I've been reinvigorated with lately and even though forums don't have the same feel, I have always said this, it isn't always about the car, it is about the people the community.. the bond we had over the commonality of the M30.

So I'm reaching out not as an m30 person, but more as a friend.

Re: A rekindled motivation 2016

Posted: Sun Nov 20, 2016 4:03 pm
by f31clubadmin
I gotta find BlagoZ31 and drewzee87t

I found drewzee87t on a military vehicle website.. that is the most recent activity I've seen from him.

Re: A rekindled motivation 2016

Posted: Tue Nov 22, 2016 2:12 pm
by f31roger
Goodies from the trip and more goodies on the way...
Various leopard stickers
Signed business cards from Mr. Kanazawa from Carshop Friend

Re: A rekindled motivation 2016

Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2016 4:18 pm
by f31roger
I gotta fiberglass the side skirts again. My aim is to get the aero mounted and maybe some spray paint. I want to take pix this weekend.

So figured out the sun shades and rear sun shade.
Comparing the R31 rain visor to the F31 leopard Chrome visor.
Fender lights and grill/trunk emblems
Chrome rain visors installed
fiber glassing the Piko Racing Side skirts (true F31 leopard side skirts)
prepping Villanelle front lip/rear valances. Cleaning up JDM headlights.

Re: A rekindled motivation 2016

Posted: Wed Dec 07, 2016 2:23 pm
by f31roger
Got in contact with DrewZee87T
He did a lot for the vert with all this technical approach. Amazing.

Got a hold of Lonewolf317 and Brewster240 - good guys that provided a lot on the forums.