90' M30 Coupe: WI.

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90' M30 Coupe: WI.

Post by LurkerAw » Sun May 01, 2016 10:40 pm

More than likely this will become the build thread for my project so what better way to start then with background info.

I got introduced to my m30 sept/2014 from a friend who had a friend in Michigan who was at the time selling it. Got the whole car (minus the interior as it had already been gutted/stripped and junked) for 700$. Was told it was non running due to a alternator ground issue but didn't care because the motor would be pulled almost immediately.

My main goal and hopes for the project; is to build something that I can put my time and energy into and watch take shape over time and continue to be built and change as I do. But to also be something of complete uniqueness and individual expression. Currently I do not have a time line or a want to rush and finish it, its something that I work on when i'm able to, while working around life, work, other hobbies and responsibilities.

So, in here is where ill post build pictures and progress, anything I come across to save for later or that might help others, and hope that this will help keep me on track and keep shit sorted out.

To start, here are a few pictures of what it looked like when I first bought it.

Sadly, the baby blue bullet wheels didn't come with it. Got all 4 stock alloys
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Re: M30 Coupe: WI

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