James Owen 's LS M30

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James Owen 's LS M30

Post by f31clubadmin » Wed Nov 09, 2016 10:12 am

James was on the facebook page. He was part of Daft Innovations. They do tons of LS swaps.

James first posted and initially got props for the swap... but then people started to say his car wasn't much because he kept it automatic (with plans to swap it).
The swap was so clean and the stock shifter was used, it was a sleeper. James and I communicated a few times and I was suppose to see his car (in Modesto). Timing never matched up. Then I believe he crashed his car and started to part it out.

Even more devastating news, James had some personal issues and from what sources tell me, he took his own life. I did not know him that much or his problems, but he was pretty cool with me.


I really wanted to see this car in person and see the work done.

Daft Innovations sell LS swap kits.
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