What happen to f31club.com?

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What happen to f31club.com?

Post by f31clubadmin » Mon Nov 07, 2016 12:27 pm

I've been hit up a lot about f31club the last few years. Just like everything, there is no simple answer and at times a series of events happen.

JC and I were very active on the forums. I then moved to California and essentially started over. I started focusing on school and then my kids came.
The same with JC. He went to get his MBA in Michigan and even lived out there for a few years along with making his family.

I started focusing on school, got my second AS degree (started my career in cardiology), started working in pediatric cardiology and decided to get my Bachelor's from San Francisco State University in Health Education, social justice, holistic health. Even now, I am pursuing additional degrees in Cardiac electrophysiology, electronics and automotive technology (been taking classes here and there).

I'm sure during this time too, the core group focused on different priorities, some went on to continue other projects... changes basically.


What occurred a couple years back was that f31club got hacked. I believe that is well we lost the extension of f31club.
F31club was forum based. But we had extensions such as the history page, magazine articles page, and the most important, manuals page (for anything m30 AND Leopard related).

Then in 2014, another hack completely whipped out the website. Luckily JC did a bare bones back up. Which was text only. All the pictures and amazing photos that we had were not gone.

I'm sure that there are other details that I forgot or wasn't around when things happened.

During this time, JC hung on to the domain name. He has been trying to pass it on to me, but I was apprehensive about taking charge.

1. I didn't have an understanding of phpbb language and even how the hosting worked.
2. I was not motivated about f31club because I was focused on school and family.
3. I also felt detached to the F31 community because my car didn't follow the trends of motor swapping and drifting.


I rarely posted anything about the M30 on social media, but I did when sold my M30 to a distant relative, I tagged f31club. That is when a forum member, mmokm30 aka Mark Joseph, hit me up and started to get at me. I have been out of the scene for awhile, but he pulled me back in!

I started to get a feel of the newer crowd of M30 owners. I also saw change that social media has done compared to forums.

In 2015, I finally got f31club in my name and kinda figured things out. I was devastated that not much was there. But as I said, JC said he has a bare bones back up. We met up and he gave me that copy. While it wasn't as I wanted it to be, it was better than nothing.

Even after I got it going, I still was trying to figure out what to do and what direction to go with.


Now, I have a rekindled motivation. I will make a post about it, but in short, I met with the Hawaiian crew and then I went to Japan and met the Japanese leopard owners and even visited Carshop Friend... I started to have nostalgia, but I also realized that I can have direction with F31club.
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