5-speed swap & S13 parts

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5-speed swap & S13 parts

Post by nyeark » Thu Nov 10, 2016 4:41 pm

Got some extra bits that I bought by mistake since I had originally been planning a Z31 5speed swap instead of Z32. Prices don't include shipping.

$30 - ARP Z31 Pressure plate to flywheel bolts. The package says they're for an RB26 but I'm 99% sure they're the same, and they were described and sold as Z31 bolts. They'll probably fit a maxima flywheel too if you're going the Z32 route. I'd actually try to use these but they took too long to get here so I ended up using OEM from Courtesy, and I'm not pulling the 5-speed back out just to swap the PP bolts.

$10 - The shims or plates that go between the engine and trans, from a Z31

$10 - Starter brackets, from a Z31

$10 - ebay S13 tension rods, they're super-china but they'll get you on the road /shrug

$50 - OEM S13 front crossmember; not sure how shipping this thing will be like but if someone here wants it before it goes on craigslist, here it is
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